What to Expect for Your First Treatment

A Caring Treatment in a Relaxed Environment

Your first appointment at Dr. Hui-Chuen Lee Kao’s Sacramento Acupuncture Clinic will take between 45 minutes to 1 hour.  She will take the time to listen as you describe your symptoms and she will go through her protocols for diagnosis.

The first step is the visual analysis. From the moment you walk into the clinic and are introduced to acupuncturist Dr. Lee Kao, she will begin to take note of different visual cues, such as the color tone of your skin, the way you are walking, any signs of inflammation, indications of pain and discomfort, etc…

Next, she will take the time to listen.  Knowing that the most apparent symptoms are not always the “real” problem, she will try to get to the root cause of your ailments by listening to all of your discomforts and symptoms and asking questions.

Once these crucial first steps are completed, Dr. Lee Kao will assess your condition and make her diagnosis.


A Treatment Individualized to Your Needs

After the diagnosis, Dr. Hui-Chuen Lee Kao will proceed with your first acupuncture treatment, which could include gentle deep heat therapy and the use of moxibustion and cupping.  For treatment of acute symptoms, often a few sessions will be enough.  The more chronic the problem, the more likely that you will require additional sessions.  One should think of these sessions as the equivalent of taking medicine, which more often than not you are required to take for a few days, rather than just once.  As such, your acupuncture treatments will be more effective by completing the suggested amount of sessions.

Please take note that while in many cases Dr. Lee Kao has been successful where even Western doctors have not, she always has your best interests at heart; if she believes that your condition requires immediate allopathic care she will let you know.

Call today to schedule your first appointment and start your journey on the road to health!