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Testimonial: Knee Injury

Dr. Lee is AMAZING!  I had a VERY bad arthritic knee and in time I needed a knee replacement.  I had injured my knee on a Friday, to the point that I could not walk without crutches.  Now I became desperate!  I was leaving for a 3 week vacation that following Monday.  

I spoke to Dr Lee and she took me in immediately and she told me she could help me with 3 treatments.  After completing my 3rd acupuncture treatment, I was walking with NO PAIN whatsoever.

Dr. Lee is very truthful, knowledgeable, and caring.  I honestly feel that Dr. Lee is my miracle Angel with true healing powers.  Do not live in pain!  I highly recommend her!

Yolanda N., Sacramento

Testimonial: High School Baseball Player

Playing high school baseball, I hurt my neck, shoulder, and throwing arm.  I went to Dr. Lee for treatments after diving to make two catches in the outfield.  Within two days of the initial injuries, I could not easily get up from sitting down.  My neck and shoulders were very tight and painful, preventing me from sitting upright.  In addition, I had pain in my throwing arm, neck, and shoulder.

I was not able to attend high school or practice for three days.  I went to see Dr. Lee on my first day of absence.  She treated my injuries with acupuncture and heat.  The first of the treatments helped me significantly, loosening up m neck and shoulder and reducing the pain.  I went to another treatment the next day.  She continued with the acupuncture and the heat treatments, spending over an hour working on my neck, shoulders, and arm.  After this treatment, my condition improved, with less pain and greater movement.  By the next day after treatment I was able to return to school, but not to baseball practice.  Within five days of treatment I was again playing baseball and able to practice fully within the week.

Once I returned to practice my neck, shoulder, and arm felt good.  I did not experience any additional pain during the season.  I appreciate what Dr. Lee did to help me return to baseball and recover from my injuries.

David, age 15, April 2013

Case: Famous Badminton Athlete (Lu Lang) in China

World Famous Badminton Athlete Lu Lang had won the World Championship, however, at the price of developing plantar myofascitis on the right side and posterior aspect of the leg.  She had muscle spasms, muscle pain, and her five toes could not grip the floor.  By the next morning, Lu Lang could not even stand up, let alone do explosive of sudden movements with that leg.

Lu Lang saw a range of doctors, including famous doctors in Hong Kong, receiving some immediate benefit, but soon the pain returned.

Dr. Lee treated the patient eight times over the course of five weeks.  Not long after, Lu Lang was able to return to playing competitive badminton.  She can now grip the floor with her toes in order to get traction, she has no pain, and has 95 % return of explosive force!

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