Injury treatment and pain relief through Acupuncture

Dr. Hui-Chuen Lee Kao Ph.D., Your Sacramento Acupuncturist

Dr. Lee Kao has over 45 years of experience in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and has treated over 60,000 patients in Sacramento-CA, Santa Cruz-CA and Nanjing-China.  Her services include acupuncture, deep gentle heat healing, moxibustion, and cupping.

Dr. Lee Kao can treat both acute pain and chronic (long term, repetitive) pain.  Whether you have recently hurt yourself, been in an accident, or have received surgery, Dr. Lee’s treatments aid soft tissue repair and may reduce the time needed for rehabilitation and healing of injuries and surgeries, could prevent the hardening of scar tissue, and can often even reduce the recovery time by months!


Relief for Chronic Pain and Faster Recovery From Sports Injuries

While she treats anyone with acute or chronic pain, Dr. Lee Kao also specializes in the treatment of sport injuries for athletes and she has successfully treated cases that regular Western doctors could not.  Dr. Lee’s treatments can be done in conjunction with other treatments such as chiropractic services and physical rehabilitation programs.  Her treatments have been very effective in reducing pain, shrinking the damaged area, and allowing athletes (including professional athletes) or anyone else to return to their sport, work, or daily life much quicker!

Acupuncturist Dr. Hui-Chuen Lee Kao specializes in:

  • Acute soft tissue trauma/injury
    • Symptoms include: swelling, painful soft tissue, loss of function
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Inflamed or acute plantar fasciitis (foot arch) injury
  • Severe knee pain and injured knee ligaments
  • Back muscles spasms or pain

Dr. Hui-Chuen Lee Kao has also successfully treated:

  • Sport related injuries
  • Dancing related injuries
  • Swimming related injuries
  • Muscle tears
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Hamstring injuries

She has accumulated 20 years of practice in China and over 30 years of practice in the United States.  She is a Doctor who cares and listens.  Above all, she treats her patients with respect and honesty.  If your condition requires additional specialized medical attention, Dr. Lee Kao will know where to direct you.


Affordable, Quality Care with Acupuncture Treatments

Even while having such a vast amount of both Traditional and Western knowledge and experience, Dr. Lee Kao keeps her prices at an affordable rate.  While some doctors charge you up to $150 per session, or require you to buy package plans to get a discount, Dr. Lee Kao’s prices remain very competitive without sacrificing the quality of service you receive.  At Dr. Lee Kao’s Sacramento Acupuncture Clinic the price of each session will depend on the treatments provided from the list above and the required length of each session. Feel free to call to let Dr. Lee know about your symptoms and she can give you more information.

Whether you have sports injuries (athletic, professional, or amateur), acute or chronic shoulder, knee or back pain, experience sciatica, need help recovering from an accident, or are experiencing pain after surgery, acupuncture could be the answer you need.

Come and experience the best Acupuncture in Sacramento!

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