Testimonials & Cases

Having treated over 60,000 patients here are a few of the many success stories from her patients and case descriptions of successful healing outcomes!


Dr. Lee Kao is AMAZING!  I had a VERY bad arthritic knee and in time I needed a knee replacement.  I had injured my knee on a Friday, to the point that I could not walk without crutches.  Now I became desperate!  I was leaving for a 3 week vacation that following Monday.  

I spoke to Dr. Lee and she took me in immediately and she told me she could help me with 3 treatments.  After completing my 3rd acupuncture treatment, I was walking with NO PAIN whatsoever.

Dr. Lee is very truthful, knowledgeable, and caring.  I honestly feel that Dr. Lee is my miracle Angel with true healing powers.  Do not live in pain!  I highly recommend her!


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